THE PRO FLEETMAN: Hard-wired Van and Car Tracker

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  • The easiest to install and operate wired-to-vehicle tracker.
  • Monitor your fleet and/or personal vehicles/assets from any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone 24/7.
  • Real time tracking updates and full tracking history reports. Showing routes taken, speed travelled, mileage and duration spent at any location.
  • New advanced and easy to use mapping panel.
Reviews (1)
5.00 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings
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Free next working day delivery
Ready to use out the box
Free mobile app
Multi roaming sim already installed
Simple 2 wire install
Helping you run your business smarter, more efficiently and saving you time and money.


Introducing the ProFleetman 5. The newest, most cost effective and easiest to install hardwired GPS tracker for any vehicle or asset.
Whether you are managing a small fleet of company vehicles on a daily basis or if you need to enhance the security for a single vehicle/asset, The ProFleetman is the most versatile wired-in tracking device available.


Simple installation and operation
The ProFleetman 5 can be installed in minutes and the new advanced Trackershop Mapping Panel has countless vital features that are simple to use and will positively impact the daily operation of your business.
With the Trackershop Mapping Panel you can monitor and co-ordinate your entire fleet from one place, improving efficiency as well as saving both time and money.


Real-Time Tracking and Full History Reports
Offering real-time GPS tracking (with position updates as frequently as every 3 seconds) you can monitor your entire fleet from one mapping platform as well as easily review full history of any dates, journeys or staff shifts at any time.
The new Trackershop app means that you can monitor your fleet/assets from anywhere in the world straight from your phone.
Wherever you view your platform from, all of your information is presented in an easy to read and analyse format.


24/7 access and global coverage
Your tracking devices are fitted with multi-roaming SIMs and will work worldwide with no additional fees.
As well as this, not only can you monitor your tracking devices from your phone, but our newest mapping panel is html based. This means as long as you have internet connection, you can log in from any computer/tablet from any where in the world. No software needed!
This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and still be able to monitor and control your fleet.


Google Mapping
The Trackershop mapping platform uses Google Satellite, Maps and Street View to ensure the most detailed and accurate mapping interface. 


Accurate Mileage Logging
The start/stop function of your fleet trackers means that an accurate mileage will be recorded in your history report, for you to access at any time.


Vehicle and staff management 
You will be able to see exactly how long a vehicle has been at any particular job, how long it took them to get there, as well as the route and journey time involved. This means that any unauthorised use of your vehicle or driver detours will be documented for you to review at your convenience.


Security and Geo-Fencing
If your vehicles are stored at a depot, on site or at staff houses you will be able to further protect your fleet against theft with motion alerts and geo-fencing.
Set as many geo fences (zones) as you need and receive alerts when your tracking device enters and/or leaves this area.
This alerts you instantly to theft as well as unauthorised staff usage out of hours.


Reduce costs
Having a fleet system in place ensures more careful and considered driver behaviour, prompting better treatment of the company vehicle and no excess mileage, avoiding unnecessary depreciation.


Traffic congestion and routing
You can plan routes and redirect your staff in-field at any time, as your mapping panel will display live traffic congestion; and allow you to plot out alternative routes to avoid delays.


Improve customer service and satisfaction
With a Trackershop fleet tracking system in place you can confidently give customers the staff/delivery arrival times to appointments, instantly locate your staff to assign to any incoming jobs and be able to generally take on more business due to the more efficient logistics of your fleet.
The reassurance of knowing that your staff will arrive at the correct time, taking the quickest and most direct route, is invaluable. More importantly this will help protect and enhance your company reputation, ensuring customers are getting the great service that your company can provide.


First year subscription included in the price
Your first 12 month unlimited position credit subscription is included in the unit price of your ProFleetman. This means that there is nothing more to pay until the second year of usage.
Second and subsequent year’s subscription onwards: £138

Dimensions 79x43x12 mm

Weight 54g

Simple installation. Just 2 wire connection

Self install or enquire to see if fitting available in your area

Worldwide coverage. Your GPS tracking devices work world wide and you can monitor your mapping panel from anywhere.

Ultra small case. Easy to install and hard to find

Fast start GPS response. Instant update as soon as the vehicle starts


Internal GSM antenna for maximum coverage

The cheapest GPS tracking solution available. First year’s tracking included. Monthly subscription payment options available for second year onwards.

Tracking History shows start & stop locations/times, length of journey and speed.

Full History. Access any time, date or journey for any of your tracking devices. Download and print off whenever needed.

Multi-roaming SIM. Preinstalled and active upon arrival to work worldwide

Fully transferable. Can be rewired in to another asset any time

Certified IP54 waterproof casing

Overvoltage protection

Back up storage. In the event of no phone signal availability, your GPS tracker will continue to record it’s tracking (to be uploaded once signal resumes)

Real Time tracking. Capable of updating as frequently as every second

Displays postcodes/addresses visited and how long was spent there.

Geo Fence Alerts. Unlimited geo fence zones, with up to 3 contacts receiving alerts (text and/or email).

Free tracking app

Dimensions 79x43x12 mm

Weight 54g


Internal High Gain GNSS antenna

Internal backup battery

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