Motorcycle Trackers

With more motorbikes being stolen than cars, motorcycle trackers are now becoming a standard request from concerned bike owners throughout the UK. With an increasing amount of bikes and scooters being stolen daily, GPS motorcycle trackers are the best protection available against theft and provide the highest chance of recovery in the event of your bike being stolen.
Trackershop provide both personal use motorcycle trackers as well as tracking devices for motorbike insurance- all of which are compatible with any bike or scooter. All GPS devices will ensure comprehensive protection against theft as well as being able to monitor and remotely control your motorbike tracker from your phone and/or computer.
If your insurance company has requested that you have a CAT 6 tracker installed then they are referring to the MotoTrack. With MotoTrack motorcycle trackers you have 24/7 comprehensive protection, as your motorbike will be monitored by a fully staffed control centre. In the event of theft, they will be able to track your bike’s location in live time and liaise with the police until your bike is retrieved. Recovery time is typically extremely speedy, with many owners being reunited with their bikes within an hour of it being stolen!
If you would like to monitor and control your scooter/ motorbike GPS tracker through your own private mapping panel, both on your phone and/or computer, then the TS10 Motorcycle Tracker is the ideal solution. You will see the real-time location, full journey history and vital instant tamper alerts for your prized asset 24/7.
Motorbike theft has reached record breaking levels in recent years. With a GPS Motorcycle Tracker, bike owners are now finally at an advantage over the thieves!
You can see the full product details below. If you would like to know more or if you have any questions at all then please contact our team any time 0208 166 0603.

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  • GPS Motorcycle Tracker
    TS10: GPS Motorcycle Tracker...


    • Small, covert and easy to fit.
    • Compatible with any motorbike or scooter
    • Protects against theft
    • Monitor and control from your phone
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  • Bond 5800 GPS Tracker
    6 weeks battery
    BOND 5800: Magnetic Covert GPS Car Tracker....


    • Magnetic GPS tracker for any vehicle or asset
    • Up to 6 weeks battery life between charges with regular tracking
    • Fully covert. Totally sealed, waterproof and unrecognisable
    • The most user friendly GPS tracker available
    • See live tracking updates through any smart phone or computer
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  • Sale! Motorbike Tracker
    SmarTrack MotoTrak- CAT 6 Motorbike Tracker...
    £299.00 £199.00


    • Installed at a time, date, location convenient for you
    • Thatcham approved protection against bike theft
    • Fitted by authorised Thatcham engineers
    • Direct debit option available for subscriptions
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