The motorcycle and motorbike trackers are Thatcham approved and a certified CAT 6 security device. If your insurance company has either recommended or requested that you have a CAT 6 tracker installed then they are referring to the MotoTrack.

With MotoTrack motorcycle trackers you have 24/7 comprehensive protection as your motorbike will be monitored by a fully staffed control centre.
In the event of theft, they will be able to monitor your bike’s location in live time and liaise with the police until your bike is retrieved. Recovery time is typically extremely speedy, with many owners being reunited with their bikes within an hour of it being stolen! It is fact that more motorbikes are stolen in the UK than cars! Motorbike theft has reached record breaking levels in recent years. Motorcycle tracker are by far the most efficient and effective form of security for your bike.

The MotoTrack covers all of Europe, so if you like to ride your bike abroad you are still protected from theft! You can also download your free tracking app, allowing you to monitor your bike when you are away from it. This means you will always know if your bike is tampered with- combined with the 24/7 control room, bike owners are now finally at an advantage over the thieves!
You can see the full product details below. If you would like to know more or if you have any questions at all then please do let us know 0208 166 0603.

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  • Fleetman GPS Tracker
    THE PRO FLEETMAN: Hard-wired Van and Car Tracker...


    • The easiest to install and operate wired-to-vehicle tracker.
    • Monitor personal, vehicles/assets, fleets and staff from any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone 24/7.
    • Real time tracking updates and full tracking history reports. Showing routes taken, speed travelled, mileage and duration spent at any location.
    • New advanced and easy to use mapping panel.
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  • Sale! Motorbike Tracker
    SmarTrack MotoTrak- CAT 6 Motorbike Tracker...
    £299.00 £199.00


    • Installed at a time, date, location convenient for you
    • Thatcham approved protection against bike theft
    • Fitted by authorised Thatcham engineers
    • Direct debit option available for subscriptions
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