Cameras and Surveillance

Trackershop present to you the very latest camera and surveillance equipment.

Cameras are now used throughout all aspects of personal and professional life. They are also considered commonplace technology in all types of vehicles. This is due to advancements in technology and the numerous benefits that dash cam cameras provide.
From a reduction in your car insurance policy, monitoring teen drivers to being able to prove an accident was not your fault- something that has become increasingly important- Dash Cams are becoming vital driving accompaniments.

Our range of surveillance equipment and Listening Devices are all handmade by our in-house technicians with meticulous attention to detail, using the highest level materials (such as the state-of-the-art Knowle microphone).
This advanced surveillance equipment means that whatever the situation, surroundings or circumstance, you will be able to record information to the highest level possible.

Trackershop only develop and supply products that match our quality checks, and will be launching a further range of camera and surveillance equipment this year, including covert cameras.

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  • Blackvue dashcam 450-1ch
    BLACKVUE DR450-1CH...
    • Single Channel Dash Cam
    • Installation option available
    • Impact and motion detection
    • Parking mode protects whilst you’re away from your vehicle
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  • NEW DR490 2CH dash cam
    BLACKVUE DR490-2CH (Optional GPS)...
    • Front and rear view dash cams
    • Full installation included in price
    • HD video quality


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