Why use Magnetic Trackers?

Trackershop have always focused on making GPS trackers available to anyone who needs them, for whatever purpose.

The introduction of magnetic trackers has really extended the way in which people can monitor and protect their vehicles, assets and family members.

Just some of the benefits of magnetic GPS trackers:

  • No installation required.
  • Can easily change from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Do not need interior access to the vehicle to attach them.
  • Long battery life.
  • – Totally covert. No noises. No lights. No identifiable information.
  • No data stored in the device.


Our range of magnetic GPS trackers come in different shapes, sizes and battery life- ensuring that, no matter what you need to track and for how long, we will be able to provide a solution.

How does my magnetic GPS tracker work?

Magnetic GPS Trackers are extremely easy to use. Every device sent out by Trackershop is already set up with a SIM card installed. You will have private login details to your own personal mapping panel. All you need to do is charge your device and it is ready to deploy.

Because our range of magnetic GPS trackers have such a strong magnetic pull, you can place the device underneath any vehicle or asset that you would like to track.

You can access your mapping panel via any phone, computer or tablet with the login details that we provide you with. From there you will see exactly where your device is or see where it has been via your History.

How long is the battery life of a magnetic GPS Tracker?

Trackershop provide a wide range of magnetic trackers, with different shapes, sizes and battery powers available. Our magnetic trackers all have fully rechargeable batteries, and range from a 7-10 day battery life (Micro Magnetic) to a full 6 months (The Enforcer).

With Lithium batteries, there are lots of factors that come into how long they last – even weather conditions can have an impact. In each product’s description you will see the time frame that we expect each GPS trackers battery to last. This is based on the tracking device operating for 3-4 hours per day and reporting a position every 2 minutes.

Which tracking device should I get?

Our range of magnetic GPS Trackers vary in terms of shape, size, magnetic strength and battery life. Each one has its own specific use, and beneficial features.

When purchasing your magnetic GPS tracker you need to consider the size of the space that you have to deploy the tracking device on to. We have  magnetic trackers of all sizes that will fit to all vehicles and assets.

Battery life is perhaps the most important consideration if you do not have regular access to your tracker to charge it. We are aware that regular access to your asset is not always an option. This is why we have ensured we provide the longest life for any magnetic tracker with The Enforcer.

Will My Magnetic GPS Tracker Fall off if I Put it under a car?

No. Our range of magnetic GPS trackers are designed to attach magnetically on any vehicle or asset in any weather condition. All of the magnetic trackers have an extremely strong magnetic pull – some up to 90 KGs. As long as you place it on a flat metal surface it will hold until you want to take it off. They’re also completely resilient to going over rocky terrain and fields, and anything that day to day driving can throw at them.

Where is the best place to put a magnetic GPS Tracker?

Magnetic vehicle trackers are designed to go underneath the vehicle on flat metal. This gives you a wide choice of positions as to where you place your tracker. Due to the multiple areas they can be placed, this means that they are unlikely to be detected or recognised. It is best to avoid the fuel tank and exhaust. These areas can get hot, are lower to the road and may not be 100% metal.

As all vehicles are different, the most consistent position for all vehicles, is the flat metal surface beyond the wheel arch of the rear axle.


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Charging Your Bond Car Tracker

Your Bond GPS tracker is totally sealed, with no buttons, lights or charging port. This makes it even more covert and 100% water proof.

To charge your Bond car tracker you will receive a charging mat with your order. You just need to place your Bond on top of the state of the art charging mat and it will charge the trackers battery through the conductive coil.

The charging mat is extremely easy to use and means your car tracker can be even more covert and tamper resistant!


Check the video above for a demonstration

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From Private Investigators, logistics companies, couriers, to local authorities, police forces and any company that uses vehicles and lone workers in the field, we have found a way to help them. You will also find our trackers used in schools, hospitals, emergency medical machinery, care homes, construction/agricultural equipment, mariners, to name just a few.

We will work beside you as much as you require in finding the perfect solution for you. If you need a bespoke service, we can engineer and develop the devices that you need, and have done this for countless clients worldwide. We’ve built up our reputation so that you know confidently, when you use our GPS trackers, you are using the best available with a genuine service that is there for you when you need to know anything.

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