For over 8 years Trackershop has been providing the most accurate, user-friendly and affordable GPS trackers available, allowing you to track absolutely anything that you need to at any time.

With such a broad range of uses for your GPS trackers, we have developed a new advanced mapping panel that ensures, no matter what you need your tracker for, you will benefit vastly from your panels improved settings and range of new functions.

Your mapping panel now provides so much more than just live tracking. It is an essential tool in helping you in anything from co-ordinating your fleet of vehicles and staff, monitoring the security of any asset, protect loved ones, as well as organising expeditions and solo trips abroad.

Mapping Panel Features

How To Access Your History

Your GPS tracker’s history will be stored on your mapping panel indefinitely. You can access this any time and can also download any history to a printable document.


  • – See addresses/postcodes/locations visited
  • – Time and date of each position report
  • – The time spent at each location



  • – See the full path travelled for each journey
  • – The time frame for each journey
  • – Speed travelled

Above: scroll right to the ‘History’ video for a full tutorial

Using Your Zones Setting

Zones can be an extremely useful function during the daily use of your GPS tracker.

Setting up a zone in a specific location allows you to receive instant alerts when the tracker enters/leaves the zone.

This can be effectively used for both vehicle/car trackers and personal trackers.


Above: Scroll right to the ‘Zones’ video for a full tutorial

Street View

You can use Street view in both live tracking and in your history report.


This helps you to further understand the area in which your GPS tracker is, or has visited. By giving you an ‘on the ground visual’ you will be able to see clearly the type of address or location that’s been visited.

Settings, commands and arm device

In the top right of your mapping panel, you will find ‘Settings’ and ‘Commands’.
You have full remote control of your GPS tracker from your mapping panel.
In the settings you can re-name your tracking device, set the time zone, enter the contact numbers/emails to control alerts, as well as select the icon to represent your GPS tracker on the map.
The commands allow you to communicate with your tracking device remotely.
Here you can set the tracking pace, from every 5 seconds up to once per hour. You can also send an Instant Locate message.
Press Arm Device when you want to receive an instant alert when your GPS tracker starts a journey. Whichever contact details have been stored in the settings will receive this message.
If you have any questions, just call our support line on

From Private Investigators, logistics companies, couriers, to local authorities, police forces and any company that uses vehicles and lone workers in the field, we have found a way to help them. You will also find our trackers used in schools, hospitals, emergency medical machinery, care homes, construction/agricultural equipment, mariners, to name just a few.

We will work beside you as much as you require in finding the perfect solution for you. If you need a bespoke service, we can engineer and develop the devices that you need, and have done this for countless clients worldwide. We’ve built up our reputation so that you know confidently, when you use our GPS trackers, you are using the best available with a genuine service that is there for you when you need to know anything.

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