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GUARDIAN PRO: Wearable GPS Tracker For Vulnerable People

£118.80 £99.00
  • Protection for those prone to wander/become lost
  • Magnetically attaches to clothing
  • Real time tracking straight to your phone
  • Safety zone feature
  • SOS button
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This is the vulnerable person/Dementia wearable tracker that is revolutionising personal safety! This new and innovative tracking device is changing the way people can now live their lives!
The Trackershop Guardian Pro Wearable GPS tracker has quickly become an essential safety tool for individuals who are prone to wander or bolt without warning.
Designed specifically for those who may experience memory loss or sensory overload, the Guardian Pro will allow you to find them instantly in an emergency.
With the ability to attach directly to clothing, bags, coats or luggage you will know with full confidence that the Guardian Pro will be with the individual when an emergency situation arises.
Your Guardian Pro Wearable GPS tracking device is water resistant and comes complete with the magnetic pins to attach to clothing and fabric, as well as your own Master Lock Detacher- meaning only the person with the detacher can remove the tracking device.
The Guardian Pro instantly creates a safer environment for vulnerable individuals, where ever they are!
The Guardian Pro Wearable GPS Tracker features include:
Your GPS tracking device arrives with you ready to use straight away. Simply charge it up and log in to your mapping panel.
See your GPS tracker’s location at any time through your own private mapping app. You can also log straight in to your desktop mapping panel. No software to download. It couldn’t be easier.
Because the Guardian Pro GPS Tracker is attached directly to clothing, there is no longer a concern that the individual will forget their tracker when they leave home.
Your Guardian Pro uses a multi-roaming SIM to ensure the best network coverage in any area. These work on a PAYG concept and you can select 1,3,6 or 12 Month Unlimited tracking packages at any time. These are applied automatically to your GPS tracker.
Learn more about Top-Up Credits here
Your Guardian Pro GPS tracker has a built in SOS button option for the wearer, in  case of emergency.
This will send a text and/or email to (up to) 3 different phone numbers and/or email addresses
Your GPS tracker is monitored and remotely controlled from your app/mapping panel- meaning the person carrying it does not need to worry about any ongoing upkeep
The Guardian Pro GPS Tracker uses the Trackershop Micro7 small tracking unit, with a battery capacity of 3-4 days and weighing just 40g!
The Guardian Pro GPS Tracker can be magnetically pinned directly in to clothing. The pins can only be released with the supplied detacher. This means that the tracker will always be with the individual. It cannot be removed by a third party or forgotten by the person carrying it.
Considering that the Guardian Pro is such a small GPS tracker, the battery is capable of holding 7 days of power on one charge! This makes it even easier to maintain than your mobile phone!
Charges easily via the wall charging kit (supplied in the box).
If your GPS tracker enters or leaves an area that you would like to monitor then you will receive an instant alert to your phone. Examples of this can be creating a safety zone around the home, so you know when the individual enters or leaves. You can also set zones around high risk areas- such as woodlands or areas of water. When the GPS tracker enters these areas you will know instantly.
The Guardian Pro is splash proof and can withstand light splashes and being caught out in a rain shower.
The Guardian Pro is small, light and can attach to any garment of clothing, bag or luggage. The wearer can carry on with their day without noticing the small GPS tracker and it will not be visible to any one else.
You can see your GPS tracker’s full history at any time from your mapping panel, both on your app and computer. This can be useful for anything from reviewing wandering patterns to even checking that your child has come straight home from school.
The pre-installed multi-roaming SIM in your Guardian Pro means that you can take your GPS tracker abroad with no prior arrangement needed, no additional costs, no hassle! You can now enjoy your holidays with the same peace of mind that you have back home.
See where you are on the app in relation to your GPS tracker.When you have you locations settings activated on your own phone, you will see the distance between you and the tracker on your mapping app. This will help direct you straight to your tracking device in an emergency. 
The simple PAYG tracking system means that there are no contracts or commitments. Simply top up with whatever credit package you need. The cheapest live tracking costs available. You only pay for what you need. You can view the full range of Top Up Credits here.

40g in weight

44 x 43 x 20mm

2 x magnetic pins

1 x Magnetic Detacher

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