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Motorhome Trackers provide high level security with 24/7 tracking and instant theft alerts on all tracking devices.

Motorhomes are more vulnerable than other types of vehicles, as they can be left unattended for several months at any time.

With motorhome theft being at an all-time high it is a worrying time for recreational vehicle owners, so we strongly recommend taking the best possible protection with our dedicated selection of motorhome trackers.

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  1. S7 TRACKER Retrieve (Battery Powered)
    S7 TRACKER Retrieve (Battery Powered)
    £145.00 £120.83
    • Fully insurance approved S7 Thatcham Car Tracker
    • Mobile installation at a time, date, location convenient for you
    • Completion Certificate issued after installation
    • Unique VHF anti-jamming technology
    • Battery-powered. Suitable for all makes and models 

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As well as the value of the motorhome, you are likely to have belongings and valuables kept in your vehicle- which can be expensive and difficult to replace,
Also, like most motorhome owners, your recreation vehicle will have a lot of sentimental value and fond memories attached, meaning the cost of motorhome theft is not just financial

The good news is that protection via one of our motorhome GPS trackers has never been more effective or easy to arrange.

Whether you need a self monitoring real-time motorhome tracker, or an insurance approved motorhome tracking device, you will be able to enjoy your asset knowing that it is as safe and secure as possible.

Most motorhome tracking devices allow you to set up motion and zone alerts, so you will receive an instant notification if anyone ever moves your motorhome without permission.

Trackershop provides full mobile installation in every UK postcode. So if you need to install a GPS tracking device to your motorhome, our engineers can visit your vehicle at whatever location is convenient for you.

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