GPS Trackers on the BBC

Over the last two years Trackershop have been working with the BBC as advisors and suppliers of GPS trackers.

We are very proud to have built a strong relationship over a number of shows and series’ and it is a huge compliment to be considered the industry experts by an establishment like the BBC.

Most recently Trackershop helped provide expertise on GPS trackers and their uses. We also pre-arranged with clients who were willing to offer case studies of any unique experiences with their tracking devices.


Inside Out London is a regional show aired prime time evening TV.

This particular episode (DIY Detectives) was aired in February and focused on frustrated victims of crime who retrieved their stolen goods through unorthodox methods.

The BBC were keen to talk to us about the GPS trackers we are providing for individuals using them for added security of their assets and vehicles.

Trackershop GPS trackers have unlimited uses, with added security certainly being one of them.

Our trackers are totally covert and allow you to monitor your asset’s location in real time from your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.

You can set up movement and perimeter alerts and even see the full history of where your asset has been.

These are some of the reasons that more and more people are experiencing great results when using GPS trackers for vehicle and asset protection.

We even offered a brief on screen report of our experience with trackers used for security.

The main case study was from a long standing Trackershop client.

Dave uses our GPS trackers to help improve the efficiency of his business and fleet of work vehicles.

He also uses them to protect his personal vehicles, including his Suzuki motorcycle.

Dave has had a bike stolen in the past, and did not want a repeat of his traumatic ordeal. This is why he fitted a Micro Magnetic GPS tracker.

This would mean, in the event of a theft he could simply log in to his mapping panel to see where his bike had been taken.

Amazingly lightning would strike twice, when Dave was attending a football match at Upton Park.

After the game he returned to where he had parked his bike, only to discover he had once again been a victim of bike theft!

This time Dave was ready, and using his Trackershop App, was able to locate his bike just a few streets away where it had been placed in a lock-up near some garages.

Dave broke the bike out of its enclosure and drove it away before the thieves returned! An amazing story, ending with Dave getting his bike back within 45 minutes of it being stolen- something that had been an impossibility the first time around.


Thief Trackers was a surprise hit series last year when it aired on weekday lunchtimes on BBC 1.

With a substantial audience share for its time slot, the show was very quickly commissioned for a second series.

The show follows the intriguing path of stolen desirable items, from the time of being stolen all the way to their final destination.

In order to document an accurate journey, GPS tracking devices first needed to be added to items such as tablets, game consoles and iPhones. The challenge was for us to ensure the GPS trackers were fitted covertly with no chance of detection.

This meant that, unbeknownst to the thief, we could then detail their full path, and expose the behaviour and habits of stolen goods in London.

This created some intriguing TV with items moving from location and person to person, very quickly, making the item irretrievable under normal circumstances.

As a former Met Police Inspector, Trackershop Director Mark acted as a consultant for the show. As well as advice and guidance on the use of the tracking devices, he was able to offer an informed and educated analysis of the criminal behaviour through the tracking history- adding more depth and substance to the manner in which the show’s information could be presented.

Series 2 of Thief Trackers will be airing soon. We will keep you all updated once an air date has been confirmed.

To learn more about how you can protect/monitor your assets, vehicles and even loved ones then please let us know 02081660603

               When we approached Trackershop in the very early stages of development, we had some fantastic and rather extraordinary ideas for how we wanted our show to look.
Unfortunately we knew absolutely nothing about GPS tracking!
Trackershop were incredible in explaining the fundamentals behind the tracking devices and which of our ideas were realistic. It turns out, due to their expertise and creativity we were able to find solutions in tracking all kinds of high value items, with the majority of our eccentric ideas becoming a reality!
Their level of expertise provided in analysing the tracking history and the journeys of our stolen items was something we never anticipated or expected. Finding out Mark is a former Met police Inspector provided us with a perfect combination in experience of London criminal activity and GPS tracking technology. We are incredibly grateful that he allowed us so much of his time with this in particular.
This, and the full professional service from the start has made for an incredibly successful show, a second series and an on-going working relationship with a charming and skilled company.

Paul, Producer (BBC)