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Increased Productivity

With MoreFleet, as the days and weeks turn in to months, you will quickly see the minutes you’ve saved turn in to hours and the earnings multiply without limitation.

For Your Fleet.
For Your Office.

It’s not just your drivers productivity where you will see drastic improvements.

You will now be able to automatically generate shift and driver behaviour reports, as well as offer a higher level of customer service.

Raise Expectations.
Then Exceed Them.

Being able to offer accurate arrival times, customer updates and accept additional jobs from customers throughout the day all contributes to a whole new level of customer service. 

Customer Complaints.
Manage + Minimise.

If one of your team is late to an appointment, the first you might hear about it is from an angry customer.

You can now update customers with arrival times, pre-empt any traffic issues (live traffic report) and re-route drivers if needed. 

With less phone calls and customer follow ups needed you will have longer, more productive periods in your day to develop your company. 

Your 24/7 System.
Working while You Rest.

Your fleet system is 100% automated which means, even if you are not logged in to your mapping system it is still be working away in the background. 

Journeys will be recorded for you to review whenever needed, documents will be formulated and all alerts will be sent through via email or push notification to your phone. 

Be With Every Driver.
For Every Journey.

The MoreFleet system is capable of updating in real-time every 30 seconds of every journey. 

That’s quicker than any other fleet system and allows you to monitor your vehicles closely in-field, whilst generating an accurate history for all journeys in your history report.

It will be like you are there with each member of staff FOR every journey.

Book In Jobs.
Weeks, Days, Minutes in Advance.

When your vehicles leave the depot or disappear out of sight it’s impossible to truly know where they are, how long they’ll take to get to an appointment etc. 

Until now!

Driver Behaviour League.
Identify. Improve. Incentivise.

Your Driver reports will quickly highlight any inefficient driver behaviour across your fleet. 

This gives you the info needed to offer guidance and incentives to drivers who have weak spots. 

Your Fleet.
But Better!

What’s perhaps the most fantastic aspect of the MoreFleet System is that it allows all of these small changes to add up to be way greater than the sum of their parts.

Your MoreFleet system allows you to improve all areas of your fleet. From booking in driver routes to providing arrival times as well as booking in additional work when your vehicles are already on the road.


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