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Mar 19, 2019 05:53:04 AM Published in FAQ's 4066 Views.

A. We do not charge a monthly fee or sign you into a contract to use all the tracking facilities and mapping that come with your live tracking device. We have a pay as you track system whereby you simply purchase credits. So you can monitor this, there is a counter on your mapping panel showing you how many credits you have and are using.

Position Credits you will use for the live tracking. You can instruct your tracker to update it’s position from every 5 seconds to 1 hour. Each time your GPS tracker updates it”s position on your map it uses a position credit. These credits are only used when your tracker starts tracking and then comes to a stop. Whilst your tracker is stationary, and not sensing any movement, or switched off you will not use any credits.

To give an example: If you set your GPS tracker to update it’s position every minute, and it is in motion for 30 minutes, you will use 30 position credits. For the same journey, if you set it to report every 10 minutes you will use 3 credits. You can change the reporting time instantly by a click of a button.

SMS credits are used if you send a command from your mapping panel to your GPS tracker to change its reporting time, or if you ask your tracker to send you an SMS alert to your phone.

To top up your credits there is a button on your mapping panel which you click and allows you to add credits online to your tracker. Our position credits are the most cost effective in the UK.