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Driver Behaviour

Your company’s new driver behaviour technology will help you majorly reduce overheads across your fleet as well as improve safety for your staff and other road users.

Vehicle Idling.
See Patterns. Educate Drivers.

Just 5 minutes unnecessary idling can cost your company 1/5 of a litre of fuel.

This will vary slightly by vehicle, but the truth remains that idling is a fuel and money wasting epidemic throughout any fleet without the ability to monitor driver behaviour. 


No Need For Speed.
Arrive on time Safely.

Did you know exceeding the speed limit for 20% of your driving time, leads to an 87% higher chance of causing an accident! 

Worryingly, those most likely to speed are employees on the road full time, under constant pressure to meet scheduled times. 

Speeding also has other implications on your vehicle, employees and company. With absolutely none of them being good. 

Small Changes.
Huge Positive Impact.

Your MoreFleet system allows you to quickly and easily plot out the most efficient route for your fleet, helping your drivers to avoid stressful delays that might lead to risky driving habits.

You can also use your reports to educate them on how to improve their overall driving, which helps protects them and also prolongs the life of your vehicles.

Once you can measure and monitor this behaviour you will quickly see how 

Small changes make a huge difference to improving your margins, as well as the safety and happiness of your drivers.


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Idling is the act of keeping your engine running whilst your vehicle is stationary. 
Idling for extensive periods and/or frequently has a multitude of knock-on effects. None of them positive.
Depending on the vehicle, idling unnecessarily will cost your company approx 1/5 litre of fuel every 5 minutes.
If you consider the number of vehicles that you have in your fleet, and how it wouldn’t occur to many drivers to switch off the ignition whilst parked or stationary, you can quickly see why so much money is being wasted - without you even realising!
In addition, exhaust fumes contain a number of harmful gasses, including carbon dioxide. This is, of course, bad for both the environment and our health, with 40,000 deaths a year linked to air pollution. 
How does MoreFleet help with this?
It may not even occur to many drivers that they have picked up bad habits that are costing you money. 
So being able to identify, isolate and then address any issues within your fleet allows you to educate and inform drivers on the most economical use of your company resources. 
Your More Fleet system sends live idling alerts and logs the collective timeframe, generating reports and calculating wastage. 
When you have multiple employees out on the road, the safety of staff and other road users is unquestionably the most important aspect of their daily driving activity and your company’s responsibilities in general.
Any incidents as a result of careless driving can, at best, result in delays in service, damage to customer trust and vehicle damage. Worst case can result in fatalities or severe injuries for staff and other road users. 
Therefore responsible driving cannot be overlooked and there is no margin for bad habits to emerge amongst staff.
So what bad habits does MoreFleet highlight and help you eliminate?
We all know the dangers of speeding on the road, and the risk that it puts both the driver and other road users in. 
This is the absolute main reason why careful driving must be practiced at all times. 
However, speeding also has other implications on your vehicle, employees and company overall. With absolutely none of them being good. 

Excessive speeding is a bad habit that employees adopt way too often and is all too tempting, especially when running late and over stretched.  

It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we are not placing our staff in stressful situations with unrealistically tight time frames to meet.  

Being able to pre-plan routes, check traffic reports to anticipate delays ensures situations where employees might feel the pressure to make up time are minimised.  

With Speed Alerts and MPH logs for all journeys that contribute to employees over all driver score, they will be conscious of remaining within the speed limit whilst representing your company.  

This protects them, other road users and your business from the risks speeding brings.  

With proper planning staff will arrive sooner, stress free, and without needing to break the speed limit. 

OverSpeed Alerts
Your More Fleet vehicle tracking system is programmed with the speed limit for every UK road! If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit at any time then you will instantly receive an alert, both on your mapping screen and as an email. 
This alert is logged on your Driver Behaviour and Fleet Efficiency reports
Route Planning
Your More Fleet System allows you to plot better routes in advance, see live traffic conditions to re-route drivers in field, identify the closest vehicle to a new appointment.
The reason that many road users drive at higher speeds or erratically is because they are late or under pressure. 
The ability to plan and pre-empt conditions all help minimise the need to drive fast, erratically or feel the stress that impairs reactions and decisions on the road.
Not all poor driving results directly in an accident and bad habits over time will lead to faster depreciation and unnecessary damage to your vehicle. 
Driving at higher speeds puts extra strain on the engine and also means harsher braking by the driver. 
This wears brake pads down quicker and will gradually build to mechanical damage to the brakes and clutch in a quicker time. 
You will also find that tyres will wear down quicker and need replacing more regularly. Across a fleet of vehicles, just this one aspect is very costly. 
The Driver Efficiency League puts the brakes on this!
Your Driver Efficiency League will rank order your drivers on a points system based on their driving behaviour. 
Excessive braking, speeding, idling are all contributors to their over all score.
This allows you to both educate drivers with bad habits and reward high performing staff. 
You will find that the number of alerts that you receive will decrease significantly shortly after implementing your fleet system. 
This is because, as soon as staff are aware that their driving is contributing towards an employee profile via the multiple reports and alerts, they will self monitor their behaviour in-field. 
For any company, huge frustration and concern are how the cost of wasted resources can add up without any clear way of knowing the root cause or being able to improve on the circumstances. 
The driver league is both a deterrent and incentive for staff and you can even introduce reward systems for the safest drivers.
Being able to highlight areas of weakness or patterns of poor driving habits amongst employees is not a witch hunt. 
It is a positive opportunity to help them improve their skills, as well as enjoy their work with less stress, and most important, remain safe and responsible behind the wheel. 
Improve safety and save money across your entire fleet easily and quickly. 
One More reason to use MoreFleet 


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