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It’s very possible that you’ve just had it sprung on you by your insurance providers that you need to organise a Thatcham approved tracker installation for your new vehicle (or when renewing an existing insurance policy).
As a result, you may be wondering, why do I need a Thatcham Approved Tracker? And why now?
The good news is, you’re in the right place - and Trackershop provide the quickest mobile installation times for every UK postcode.
We take care of your Thatcham approved tracker installation and ensure a quick, stress free process.
But let's quickly explain more below as to why you need it, and guide you on the most suitable for your vehicle and insurance provider.

What is a Thatcham Approved Tracker?

Thatcham devices are vehicle security approved trackers
Thatcham Research are the organisation overseeing the testing and categorisation of vehicle security products.
Their stringent, meticulous testing is designed to assess the effectiveness of the products security and safety.
As long as the product meets the exact criteria and high standard of quality, they will receive a Thatcham Security Certification.
Thatcham approved trackers are trusted
Therefore, due to a combination in escalating vehicle theft, and the high level of quality and the very impressive recovery success rate of Thatcham approved trackers, insurance providers are now insisting that motorists install these particular tracking devices.
This is likely to be why you are now being asked to install a Thatcham approved tracking device, even though you may not have ever been asked in the past. 

Which Is The Best Thatcham Approved Tracker For Me?

Now that you know why it is a standard requirement, the next question you are probably thinking is 'which is the best Thatcham Approved Tracker for me?' 

There are two main categories of Car Insurance Trackers - S5 and S7. In a nutshell, S7 trackers are the cheapest Thatcham approved vehicle tracking device. S5 Trackers are the same as S7, but with the addition of an extra Automatic Driver Recognition System (ADR recognises you are the authorised driver. If anyone else moves your vehicle, it triggers an instant alert).

If your insurance provider has NOT stipulated a category, then you are free to choose which category you prefer. However, if they have stipulated an S5 tracker, then you MUST meet this requirement. Failing to do so will most likely invalidate your insurance policy in the event of theft.

The differences between the categories are quite straightforward, however, there are multiple brands and may have slightly different additional optional features, and pricing.

You can see a chart of the different Thatcham approved 


Insurance approved
Nationwide Fitting
Thatcham approved Fitters
24hr control centre
European coverage
Motion alert
Low battery alert
Battery backup
Battery disconnect alert
Transferable to new vehicle
Internet enabled
GPS/GSM block alert
Remote Fobs (DRS)
Remote engine immobilisation
12/24 Volts
Subscription (starts at)
Price (inc VAT)
Vodafone Protect Connect 5
SmarTrack CAT 5
ScorpionTrack CAT 5
Vodafone Protect & Connect 6
SmarTrack Protector Pro CAT 6
ScorpionTrack ST50 CAT 6
      GSM Only    
      Optional Optional  
3 Yrs 3 Yrs 2 Yrs 3 Yrs 3 Yrs 2 Yrs
12/24 Volts 12/24 Volts 12/24 Volts 12/24 Volts 12/24 Volts 12/24 Volts
£215.00 £16.99 £199.00 £138.00 £12.49 £130.00
£599.00 £695.00 £699.00 £216.00 £199.00 £295.00
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