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When it comes to vehicle tracker installers in Cambridgeshire, Trackershop provides the quickest install times!

Trackershop provides GPS tracking devices for all purposes throughout the whole of the UK (See the full range of Car Trackers). However, this article focuses specifically on Vehicle tracker installation in Cambridgeshire.
Over the past 5 years, vehicle theft has been rising significantly in the UK.
Unfortunately, Cambridgeshire is not exempt from the increase in targeted theft by car thief gangs. 
If your insurance providers have asked you to install a vehicle tracker in Cambridgeshire, then the heightened risk of theft will be the reason why. 
But it's not all doom and gloom. As installing an insurance-approved vehicle tracking device in Cambridge and the surrounding area, gives you the very best protection against even the most effective theft techniques. 
Even better, Trackershop provides the fastest mobile installation time in the UK. 
So whether you need a car tracker installation in Peterborough, Milton, Wisbech or any other Cambridgeshire town, Trackershop can have your system fitted within 1-3 working days.
Let's take a look at the options for the best vehicle tracking systems in Cambridgeshire for your needs.

Insurance Approved Car Trackers Cambridgeshire

Insurance-approved Car tracker installation in Cambridgeshire is becoming increasingly popular

With national car theft statistics escalating, combining with under-staffed police forces, the likelihood of recovering your vehicle if it does not have a tracker installed is very low. 

Keyless entry vehicles, in particular, are being specifically targeted, due to the fast, covert, and highly effective techniques thieves are implementing to drive a car away in seconds. 

This is why your insurance providers may have asked you to install a Thatcham Approved vehicle tracker in Cambridgeshire or the surrounding area. 

The good news is that these insurance-approved car trackers significantly increase the chance of both theft recovery and prevention for your vehicle.

This protects you against the heartache of your vehicle being stolen, as well as the cost and inconvenience that it brings. 

Even better, Trackershop provides the fastest vehicle tracker installation in the whole of the UK. 

Let's take a look at the best options to help protect your vehicle. 


When selecting an insurance-approved tracker for your vehicle, there are officially 2 main categories to consider. 
These are the Thatcham accredited categories S7 and S5.
The S7 tracker is the entry-level Thatcham accredited device and is, therefore, the most commonly installed device by Trackershop throughout the UK.
S7 tracking devices all include
  • Real-time tracking
  • 24/7 fully staffed control room service
as well as battery-tamper/motion alerts, and usually a private app for you to monitor the daily activity. 
In the event of a theft, the staffed control room guides the responding police unit to your vehicle using the live tracking information.
Currently, the most popular S7 tracking device in Cambridges is the ScorpionTrack S7 Tracker.


The S5 tracker is the higher level of vehicle tracking security, accredited by Thatcham, and in line with your insurance policy. 
The S5 tracking device successfully detects the most modern, common, and effective theft techniques currently implemented by professional car theft gangs.
One of the most effective techniques that they are currently using to steal keyless entry vehicles is 'relay attack'.
Relay Attack allows thieves to quickly hack the key barrell signal, and unlock the vehicle with minimal effort - in mere seconds!
The S5 detects this technique, triggering an instant alert in the control room. 
The control room then contacts you to confirm the theft and then liaises with the responding police unit to recover your vehicle.
This proactive response means that your vehicle will typically be recovered within minutes!
Take a look at the S5 Trackers here
Other areas in Cambridgeshire that will need vehicle trackers: Peterborough, Milton, Cambridge, St Neots. 


If you are keen to implement an even higher level of security for your vehicle then the S5 PLUS will be exactly what you need.
This is because the S5 PLUS is a vehicle tracker and immobiliser!
The tracking system is still categorised as S5, and will be recognised by your insurance provider as officially the highest level of security.
However, in addition, you will also benefit from the proactive remote immobiliser - controled directly by you.
This means that nobody will be able to start your ignition without your approval. 
The immobiliser is extremely effective for vehicle security, but also very user-friendly.
You just need to keep your driver fob with you. When you enter the vehicle your S5 Plus will automatically read the transmission and allow you to start and use your vehicle as normal with no disruption to your normal driver behaviour.
ScorpionTrack has a very reassuring 96% recovery rate across all of its products - with the S5 PLUS being even higher than this average. 
Take a look at the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus
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