With caravan theft at an all-time high, protecting your asset has never been more important.

There are several security measures that you can take to make your motorhome safer from thieves.

However, for a highly effective deterrent AND recovery method, a caravan GPS tracker really must be your first line of defence.

When you consider just how accurate, user-friendly and cost effective GPS trackers now are it makes perfect sense to secure your caravan with protection that will allow you to take effective and immediate action in the event of a theft.


What’s fantastic is that there has never been such a wide range of caravan tracker options available to you. All of Trackershop’s caravan GPS tracker range will ultimately protect your caravan/motorhome to the highest and most effective level with regards to their GPS tracking capabilities.

However, each option will be able to provide slightly different features. Let’s have a look at a few options here.


It may be the case that your insurance company have asked you to install a GPS tracker in line with your insurance policy.

The good news is that this could lead to a reduction in the cost of your insurance policy. This can save you quite a large amount of money in the long term.

If you already have an existing policy, it is certainly worth contacting your insurance provider to see if installing this caravan tracker will bring about a reduction.



  • – 24/7 monitoring. Your caravan insurance tracker is linked to a regulated, fully staffed control centre. You can set up a series of safety alerts that will be sent directly to the control centre. Any unauthorised activity involving your caravan will be instantly acknowledged, with immediate action being taken.
  • – Free installation. Your caravan tracker will be installed by our Thatcham approved fitters at a time, date and location that is convenient to you. We can visit where you store your caravan any where in the UK.
  • – Movement alert. If your caravan or motorhome moves without your authorisation an alert is sent directly to the monitoring centre. They will then contact you to confirm if this is a theft. The control centre will then liaise directly with the police until your caravan is recovered and returned to you.
  • – Free tracking app. You will be able to monitor your caravan/motorhome directly from your phone.
  • – Battery disconnect alert. If a thief disconnects your motorhome’s battery, your GPS tracker will still have a full reserve battery to run from. An alert will also be sent to the control centre in such an event.
  • – The most advanced technology available. The SmarTrack caravan tracker incorporates the most up to date, award winning GPS security technology currently available!


If you do not necessarily need a tracker in line with your insurance policy, then Trackershop provide Europe’s largest range of magnetic GPS trackers.

A magnetic GPS tracker for caravans allow you full access to your own personal mapping panel from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. You can set up your own safety zones and security alerts. This means that you will receive theft notifications directly on to your phone.

A huge advantage of deploying a magnetic caravan tracker is that you will be able to conceal yours covertly. There is no single obvious place where a magnetic tracker attaches on any vehicle or asset. What with caravans being particularly large there are lots of highly effective places to affix a tracking device.

The strength of the magnets means that, as long as you attach the device to a flat metal surface it will stay in position until you are ready to remove it.

Thieves will struggle to find a magnetic tracker or even know that there is a tracker on your motorhome.

It could potentially take a thief several hours to locate the device, if they are able to find it at all!

  • – Personal Mapping Panel. You will have your own mapping panel that you can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can remotely control your tracker from your panel, as well as set up any zones and alerts needed.

If you have several vehicles/assets with trackers you can monitor them all from the one panel.

    • – Alert Zones. The security zone feature is fantastic for any asset that is stored in one place for extended periods of time. As you are already aware, your caravan does not have to be kept in an isolated location for it to be at risk.

    Many caravans are stolen from their owner’s driveways, with professional thieves towing them away in worrying quick time- sometimes when the owner is at home just feet away!

    When you have a safety zone set up around your property you will receive an instant alert message directly to your phone. This means you will know immediately if your caravan is moved without your permission.

    Zones are quick and easy to set up, and you can set as many as you like. You can link 3 mobile numbers/email addresses to receive the alerts, which increases the chances of someone being able to take action straight away in the event of a theft.

  • – Long battery life. The magnetic trackers all contain their own independent battery source. This means they can be placed any where on the vehicle, and not rely on the vehicle’s power source. The battery life ranges from approx. 7-10 days for the Micro Magnetic; all the way to 6 months plus for the Enforcer 4.
  • – Tracking App. The Trackershop tracking app allows you to monitor your caravan’s position directly from your phone. You can watch it in live time, giving up to the second location updates.

What’s fantastic is that GPS trackers for caravans have never been more user friendly, accurate and cost effective.

If you opt for an insurance GPS tracker then we will arrange installation for you, meaning you do not need to do anything at all.

The magnetic GPS trackers arrive with you ready to use. All you need to do is charge yours up, attach it to your van and login to your mapping panel. That’s it!

We’ve had some incredible feedback from caravan owners who have found their GPS devices to be highly effective and a great comfort knowing that they can see the exact position of their caravan on a map from their phone!

If you would like to know more about caravan trackers or any of our products then please do let us know 02081660603

Email: info@trackershop-uk.com