GPS DEMENTIA TRACKERS: Increasing independence and safety

As we are all aware, Dementia is still sadly a condition that there is no known cure for. The effects of Dementia are currently irreversible and with so many people throughout the UK already living with a diagnosis, it’s so important that we provide services and products like the GPS Dementia Trackers that will make life safer, easier and more enjoyable.

It’s proven that most people with dementia (particularly early onset) feel more comfortable and happier when they are able to stay in their own home, maintaining and enjoying a life as close to their normal routines and activities as possible.
Coming to terms with dementia and learning to live with the condition can be daunting. Even with family around you dementia can be an extremely scary and lonely condition, provoking an unrelenting sense of isolation and confusion.
This means being able to keep a healthy level of independence and identity is vital in maintaining high levels of morale.

With the increasingly common use of GPS dementia trackers in line with this condition, individuals and families are quickly learning just how beneficial these small tracking devices are. From pocket-sized trackers, GPS watches, GPS keyrings, to the newest range of small trackers that can be magnetically pinned in to clothing, there is a model compatible with anyone’s circumstances.

Below are just a few of the benefits that you and your family will experience.



Increased safety
Much like with any condition, safety must always be the highest priority. An individual may not feel they need (or want) extra help or care. However, at any moment, disorientation can quickly lead to wandering behaviour.
In these moments, a speedy response can be the difference between a safe recovery or injury (or sadly sometimes worse).
Many family members that have contacted us have been advised by local authorities to implement a GPS tracker asap. This is usually after a relative has wandered, leading to an extensive rescue mission, many times involving police helicopters and large search parties.

A small portable GPS tracker means that carers and concerned family members can receive instant alerts in the event of wandering, and can then see the real-time location of the individual through the mapping app on their phone. This allows for an all important fast response, minimising the chance of injury and trauma.

Increased independence
It may be the case that memory loss only negatively effects you for less than 5% of your day. However, it can be just as frustrating as any other condition as you do not know when it will impact you. There may be no consistent behaviour pattern and disorientation could happen at any time, meaning that any part of your daily routine will have to be considered to be equally risky.
With a personal safety tracker, you are at less risk of becoming lost or injured whilst carrying on with your normal lifestyle. Whether this is using public transport, walking to the shops, working, going to the gym or fitness classes, if anything was to happen you can be located immediately by family and/or carers.
One of the first luxuries that can become out of the question when diagnosed with dementia are your holiday plans. The risk involved in visiting an unfamiliar location (potentially in an area where you do not speak the native language) is just too high.
However, Trackershop’s GPS trackers are all compatible to use abroad at no extra cost. This added safety means that a well deserved holiday is now a reality.
Peace of mind for carers and relatives
A GPS safety tracker is not a replacement for carer support. It is an additional safety tool that can strongly support the existing care and offer a sense of freedom that simply would not be available otherwise.
However, for those who have already implemented them in their daily life, there’s no denying that they are a life changer for all involved!
The added safety that such a simple device brings is astonishing. In addition though, is the added peace of mind that family members experience, knowing that they will always be alerted when their loved one is at risk- allowing them to take immediate action!

If you would like more information about any of our GPS Dementia trackers then please feel free to contact our team at Trackershop any time 02081660603