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  1. Car Trackers In Romford

    Car Trackers In Romford

    Romford and Ilford are officially the car theft hot spots in the country.  This may be an initial surprise to many, but when it comes to car theft these locations are substantially outranking some of the more high profile l […]
  2. Best Plant and Machinery GPS Trackers

    Best Plant and Machinery GPS Trackers

    Construction and plant machinery theft has been on a 5 year rise.  Thieves have quickly recognised the appeal of the high valued assets that are seen as easy targets when kept on site, in yards or isolated for extended periods o […]
  3. Differences between S7 and S5 Trackers

    Differences between S7 and S5 Trackers

    Since January 2019, any motorists that have been instructed to install a car insurance tracker to their vehicle may have noticed some new categories introduced. 


    The S7 tracker and S5 tracker (along with the S5 Pl […]
  4. Car Trackers in Birmingham

    Car Trackers in Birmingham

    Out of all of the areas in the UK, Trackershop are now fitting more car trackers in Birmingham than any where else. The cost of car crime has direct and indirect negative implications. A high percentage of vehicles stolen without a T […]
  5. The Best OBD Tracker For All Vehicles

    The Best OBD Tracker For All Vehicles

    The quickest and simplest way to start tracking!   The Trackport OBD GPS tracker is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get tracking for any vehicle. Ready to use straight out the box, this plug and play GPS device will be […]
  6. Car Trackers in Hertfordshire

    Car Trackers in Hertfordshire

    With its wide sweeping fields, farmers markets and quaint town living Hertfordshire has always been one of the most desirable home counties to reside in.   Due to its rural towns being scattered around the county, many joined […]


    In 2019 it has become a common insurance policy proviso that motorists must install a Thatcham Approved car tracker in to their vehicle in order for them to be fully covered for theft.   However, what is the procedure for compa […]
  8. Car Trackers Newcastle

    Car Trackers Newcastle

    Trackershop install the most effective car security products nationwide and currently offer the quickest fitting time and best priced car trackers in Newcastle.    With car theft escalating substantially throughout major c […]
  9. Buying a Car Tracker in 2019

    Buying a Car Tracker in 2019

    Buying a car tracker in 2019 has never been easier and more useful. However, there has also never been so much choice either!    Whether you need a GPS tracker for insurance purposes or for monitoring your company fleet of […]
  10. Car Trackers Kent

    Car Trackers Kent

    Trackershop have seen a huge increase in the demand for car tracker installations in Kent.  The home counties in particular have seen car theft levels rise significantly in recent years.  This has meant car insurance provi […]
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