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Trackershop provides GPS tracking devices for all purposes throughout the whole of the UK (See the full range of Car Trackers). However, this article focuses specifically on Vehicle tracker installation in Worcestershire.
Vehicle theft in the UK has been increasing considerably over the past 5 years, with Worcestershire unfortunately not being able to avoid this trend.
With professional car theft gangs knowing exactly how to counteract factory-fitted car security, there is no sign that this trend will slow down.
This is why insurance providers are asking motorists to install vehicle trackers in Worcestershire, the surrounding area... and throughout the UK.
If you are in need of an insurance approved vehicle tracker installation in Worcestershire Trackershop are here to help.
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If you have been asked by your insurance provider to install a car tracker in Worcestershire then you might not know where to start looking!

Don’t worry, as the process is actually very straightforward and Trackershop actually takes care of the whole installation for you.

Our friendly Installs Team arrange your appointment for you, and we have the largest number of mobile engineers on the road, ready to get to you within 1-3 working days.

You just need to decide which is the best GPS tracker device for your needs.


Currently, the most popular insurance approved car tracker in Worcestershire is the S7 category. 

The S7 is the entry-level device for insurance approved trackers and is, therefore, the most commonly installed stolen vehicle recovery tracker in the UK. The S7 is suitable for any road vehicle including plant, motorhomes, motorcycles etc.

The S7 features 24/7 control room monitoring, battery-disconnect alert and an app for you to monitor your vehicle from your phone also.

We have seen a high demand for these car trackers in Worcester, as well as Bromsgrove, Malvern Hills, Redditch and the surrounding areas. If your insurers have asked for you to install a tracking device but did not specify an exact ca tegory, then the S7 Tracker will be a great choice.

Take a look at the S7 Trackers


For highly targeted vehicles, such as BMW and Range Rover, insurers may insist on you installing a higher security category of car tracker.

This will be the S5 tracker.

The S5 includes the same features as the S7, but with the addition of ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition). ADR is the best and most effective defence against relay attack and key theft.

Take a look at the S5 Trackers


According to Tracker relay attack had been the cause of 92% of the car thefts that their control room helped to successfully recover last year.

Your ADR system is covert security, where you carry a small portable fob with you when driving your vehicle. This fob identifies you as the authorised driver of the vehicle. If a thief either instigates a relay attack or even steals your car key, an instant alert is triggered in the control room. They then contact you to confirm the status of the vehicle. If a theft is taking place they work directly with the police to intercept.

Thieves have been spoilt for choice using relay attack, and have been able to pluck off unassuming motorists vehicles quickly and silently without any kind of resistance. 

Until now!

If you are still concerned about the security of your vehicle, then let's take things a step further, and take a look at the S5 PLUS!

The S5 PLUS is an S5 vehicle tracker AND immobiliser in one - making it the most comprehensive vehicle security available!

When it comes to the best car trackers fitted in Worcestershire, the S5 Tracker PLUS is definitely proving to be popular and highly effective - finally putting car thieves at a disadvantage once again!

Take a look at the full details for the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS


Other areas in Worcestershire that will need vehicle trackers: Evesham, Droitwich SpaWyre Forest, Wychavon, 

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