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Vehicle theft has risen by 70% in the last 4 years in the Sussex area.

It’s likely that you’re reading this after your insurance provider has asked you to install a Thatcham approved car tracker in the Sussex area. 

Although car manufacturers work hard to develop innovative and effective car security, once thieves work out how to override this security it is no longer effective, leaving thousands of vehicles and their owners vulnerable. Sadly, a rise in targeted car theft by organised criminal gangs in the Sussex area has meant that extra precautions now need to be taken to protect any keyless entry vehicle. This is why installing car trackers in Sussex and the surrounding area has become so important.


If you’re like most motorists, you may not have been asked to install a car tracker before, so possibly don’t know where to start! What can make this situation more stressful is the added pressure- as, if you have already collected your vehicle you may not be insured against theft until you have a tracker device fitted.  


The good news is that Trackershop can provide the quickest installation times for insurance approved car trackers in Sussex. In fact, our mobile Installs Team cover the whole of the UK and will come directly to you. So whether you’re in East Sussex, West Sussex or beyond, our mobile engineers will be with you within 1-3 working days to fully fit and activate your tracking device.

(Areas of interest in Sussex include Eastbourne, Hastings, Bexhill-on-Sea.)


Currently, the S7 is the most popular car tracker in Sussex. This is the entry-level insurance approved car tracking device and is suitable for any vehicle - including motorhomes, plant, and motorbikes.

The S7 tracker 24/7 control room monitoring, as well as battery disconnect and motion alerts. If your vehicle is stolen then the control room works closely with the responding police unit and guide them into the location of the vehicle.

If your insurer has instructed you to install a Thatcham approved tracker, but have not stipulated a specific category, then the S7 tracker will be the ideal vehicle tracking device for you.

Take a look at the S7 Tracker


If your insurers have insisted that you install an S5 car tracker specifically then this may be because your vehicle is vulnerable to relay attack or key theft. Vehicles like Range Rover, BMW and Audi are especially targeted.

The S5 car tracker has the same features as the S7, but with the addition of ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition).

Take a look at the S5 Trackers


Installing car trackers in Brighton has become a common occurrence for our Trackershop engineers.

With the Newhaven port close by, this can make it easier for professional car crime gangs to smuggle vehicles out of the country. Therefore car trackers in Hove, Hastings, Brighton, and Worthing, and any other prominent built-up areas are a likely requirement by car insurance providers.

Trackershop provides express car tracker installation in Brighton and the surrounding areas, typically within 1-3 working days.

With the largest network of Thatcham approved engineers, our engineers will come to your home, work or even the vehicle dealership prior to you collecting your vehicle.

Contact Trackershop to find out when we can install your car tracker in Brighton.  

The level of vehicle theft is incredibly worrying.

However, insurance approved tracking devices are stopping thieves in their tracks - leading to more vehicle recovery and convictions. If you need a car tracker in Sussex (or anywhere in the UK), then we can have an engineer with you within 1-3 working days to get your vehicle fully fitted and insurance approved!

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