Over the past 18 months Trackershop have seen the demand and necessity for CAT 5 trackers in Yorkshire rise significantly.
The rising levels of organised car theft has seen an urgency for car owners to install a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Tracker to protect their asset. 
Trackershop now provide the quickest CAT 5 tracker fitting in Yorkshire with the biggest network of mobile engineers.
The Trackershop installed CAT 5 car trackers also have a 100% recovery rate for all vehicles and locations. Take a look at our range of CAT 5 insurance Trackers


The latest figures on national car crime are very concerning, as West Yorkshire is now the third worst region for car theft.

According to RAC this is only getting worse, as there has been a staggering 57% rise in reported car theft in the last few years, from 3,561 in 2013 to 5,597 last year.

This has caused huge unease amongst motorists and insurance providers alike.
This has meant that insurers are now asking motorists to take further steps in protecting their vehicles.
Over the past 2 years it is likely that you have been asked by your insurance provider to install a Thatcham approved tracker, in line with your new insurance policy.
Due to the effectiveness of these stolen vehicle recovery trackers, many insurers are offering a reduction in your policy cost if you comply with this. However, what is now becoming more common is that insurance companies will simply not insure you for theft without a tracker installed.


The good news here is that these Insurance approved car trackers are incredibly effective in preventing and recovering stolen cars.

This is due to the high quantity of instant alerts set up to detect anyone interfering with your vehicle. These alerts are picked up by the 24/7 monitoring control room, who react immediately by contacting both you and the police in the event of a theft.


Further good news is that it has never been easier to have a thatcham tracker installed- with Trackershop’s Thatcham accredited engineers coming to you at a convenient time, date and location to fully install your device.


With many concerned motorist also taking it upon themselves to organise the installation of CAT 6 or CAT 5 trackers, you might be asking ‘what are my options for protecting my own vehicle?’



Having a CAT 5 Tracker in Yorkshire area will not only provide the highest level of security for your vehicle, but may mean a significant reduction in your insurance policy, meaning that you could even save money in the long run.


CAT 5 trackers are typically only required under specific circumstances, usually when the vehicle is of a certain value and/or it is used in an area with a high car crime rate. Many drivers prefer these due to thecae of mind they bring due to the 100% recovery rate.


Speak to your insurers and see what Thatcham approved category they require. It’s important to ensure that you have instructed the correct category to be installed, as the wrong one could mean that your insurance is invalidated.
Fitting a CAT 6 tracker in Yorkshire is still the most cost effective option. Regardless of what tracker you require installing, Trackershop provide the quickest fitting time and cover every UK postcode.