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Whether it's for business, personal or insurance purposes, more individuals and companies than ever are now benefitting from vehicle tracking in Nottingham. 

Which Type of Vehicle Tracking Devices Nottingham? 

Let's take a look below to learn more about the best vehicle tracking devices in Nottingham for you.

Insurance Approved Car Trackers Nottingham 

If you have been asked to install an insurance approved car tracker in Nottingham, you may be a bit puzzled as to why! Let's take a look. 

A car is stolen every 5 minutes in the UK. When you also consider that there are now approx 22,000 fewer active police officers on the streets, it becomes clear to see why there has been a 50% increase in car theft in just 5 years! 

Nottingham especially is suffering from this car theft epidemic. As reported in the Nottingham Post there are at least 300 vehicles being stolen a year.

With the escalation of techniques such as relay theft allowing thieves to quickly and easily steal keyless entry vehicles, it is understandable why motorists and car insurance providers are seeking out the best possible security products.

It has now never been more important to install a car tracker in Nottingham. Thankfully, with Trackershop, it has also never been simpler, cheaper, and quicker. 


Currently, the most popular option is the S7 vehicle tracker for Nottingham and the surrounding area.

Due to the increase in successful car thefts many car insurance providers are insisting on motorists installing a Thatcham approved car tracker in the Nottingham area.

Even if insurance providers haven’t specified this, due to the success rate for vehicle recovery that these tracking devices bring Trackershop is experiencing many savvy motorists enquiring about these types of trackers just for their own peace of mind.

Why is this? Simply because they are incredibly successful in ensuring the recovery of your vehicle should the worst happen.

If you consider that the majority of vehicles are stolen at night, it may not be until the following morning that you realise your vehicle is missing. This could be several hours later, meaning your vehicle might not even still be in the same country!

Take a look at the S7 Trackers


The S5 vehicle tracker is the newest category VST (vehicle security tracker) available.

These are compatible with all road vehicles and benefit from a 24/7 emergency control room, on hand to guide the police directly to where the vehicle is.

They do this using the real-time GPS tracking provided by your S5 tracker, which has global coverage.

A private recovery team is also sent to the vehicle’s location, to guard the vehicle until it is returned to you.

For those concerned about having their driving monitored it’s worth noting that the control room only logs in to your vehicle’s real-time position once a security alert has been triggered.

The most proactive of these alerts is exclusive to the S5 car tracker and is the advanced ADR system (Automatic Driver Recognition).

The ADR is the quickest way of raising an alert if somebody takes your car without your permission.

As the authorised driver, you will have a small fob with you when you drive the vehicle. This fob is about the size of a £2 coin, so easily fits in bags, wallets, phone cases, pockets etc. 

With the rise in both key theft and relay theft, vehicles are being stolen quickly and covertly without raising any noise, fuss, or suspicion. However, with the ADR system, as soon as your vehicle moves without your proximity ADR fob present an alert is triggered in the control room instantly. They will then contact you to confirm the status of your vehicle.

Other alerts include a battery tamper alert, tow away alert, and lift alert. This makes the S5 tracker one of the most comprehensive vehicle security devices available. 



When an insurance provider asks for you to install a Thatcham tracker they often only give you a few days notice, causing additional stress when trying to arrange insuring your vehicle.

Trackershop provides speedy installation for all Thatcham approved car trackers in Nottingham and the Nottinghamshire area.

But which is the best car insurance tracker for your own needs?

Typically insurance providers will stipulate a specific category of vehicle tracker that they will need you to have installed to validate your policy in the event of theft. However, some insurers might just say that they want you to install any type of Thatcham approved GPS trackers, as long as it has a 24/7 monitoring service in place.

Currently, the best vehicle tracker installed in Nottingham is the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS.

The S5 PLUS has the most comprehensive vehicle security currently available - and includes proactive immobilisation controlled by you. 

This means that nobody can start your vehicle without your permission, even if they have your car key!

Take a more detailed look at the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS

Fleet Tracking in Nottingham

Trackershop has now launched their innovative More Fleet tracking system in Nottingham 

If you need business vehicle tracking in Nottingham, then the new More Fleet Tracking System allows you to monitor, co-ordinate and protect all of your work vehicles. 

Nottingham has a well-developed transport structure, with the A46, A52, A60 and A610 giving excellent access to surrounding areas.

You can also access cities both North and South of Nottingham via the M1.

This means that the potential for your company to cover a vast area is very promising. 

With this kind of service capabilities, then it's important to ensure that you have full control and visibility of your fleet. 

Whether you have a construction firm, a courier co, or an estate agent you will be able to streamline your fleet, making them more efficient and pro-active. 

The business vehicle tracking system in Nottingham with no contract.

A fleet tracking system will help you save time and money whilst also optimising your vehicle's earning abilities.  

You will have full visibility of every vehicle using your More Fleet tracking system in Nottingham.

This gives you the vital information needed to make confident decisions most beneficial to your company and your customers.

  • Increasing earning ability
  • Decreasing overheads
  • Improving customer service
  • Creating a more positive working environment

For the standard work van on the road, you can save an average of £829 per year with a fleet tracking system.

In addition to the savings, and the extra earning potential, the ability to streamline and coordinate your fleet activity and reduce time spent on admin (through MoreFleet's Automated Reports), provides the chance for immeasurable growth throughout your entire company! 

Take a more detailed look at MoreFleet

Magnetic Car Trackers Nottingham 

Portable GPS Car Trackers in Nottingham

Trackershop's online store provides free next working day delivery for all of our portable GPS trackers to Nottingham and the entire UK.

You may not need an insurance approved device, or you might prefer to monitor your fleet using flexible, portable tracking devices.

You might even just want to add extra security to a classic car or unattended machinery.

With real-time tracking, speed logs, full history as well as motion alerts, you can monitor, protect, and co-ordinate any of your vehicles or assets with a magnetic GPS tracker.

With a rechargeable battery built-in, (products ranging from 10 days to 6 months on a single charge) magnetic GPS trackers in Nottingham have become extremely popular.

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