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Trackershop install Thatcham Approved Trackers nationwide. So if you’re in need of a car tracker in Essex then we offer the quickest fitting time and most competitive prices.
Trackershop has the largest network of mobile Thatcham certified engineers, ready to install your GPS Car Tracker in Essex and beyond.
If you live in Essex and have been asked by your insurance provider to install either a CAT6, CAT 5 or S5 tracker into your vehicle recently then you are not alone.
In the past 2 years it has become a standard requirement for motorists to be asked by their insurance providers to install insurance approved car trackers in Essex based vehicles.
As one of the more affluent home counties, you will see shiny new Range Rovers, Porsches, Mercedes and BMWs parked on driveways down most roads in Essex.
Sadly, where there are large volumes of expensive vehicles, you will also find organised car theft gangs.
Owning a nice vehicle should not create additional stress and fears that you will wake up one morning to find your car gone. However, the unfortunate reality is that these cars in these areas are highly targeted by the sophisticated crime rings.


Crucially Trackershop have the largest network of Thatcham Approved mobile engineers for installing insurance approved car trackers in Essex.

What Is An Insurance Approved Car Tracker?

Due to the high volume of vehicle theft, through techniques (such as ‘relay crime’) insurance providers are asking owners to be more proactive in protecting their vehicles. Many providers offer a reduction in the price of your insurance policy when installing a car tracker. However, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it may be the case that they simply will not insure you for theft if you do not have a tracker installed.


The good news is that once your car tracker is installed you will then have the most proactive and absolute best car security available. From tamper alerts, motion alerts to a 24/7 fully staffed control room and even global coverage, insurance approved trackers are designed with vehicle protection and lightning quick recovery in mind.


You can even protect against key theft and keyless entry theft by opting for the CAT 5 / S5 Tracker. This comes with DRS (Driver Recognition System) as standard. Even if a thief steals your keys and starts the ignition, an instant alert is raised in the control room if they do not have the DRS tag with them to identify them as an authorised driver. The control room can then send the police straight to the location of the vehicle.


All CAT 5 and S5 tracker models have DRS as standard, however, if you do not necessarily need all the bells and whistles of a CAT 5/S5 then you can opt for the Smartrack Protector Pro Global W/DRS.

Best Car Trackers Available In Essex


The CAT 5 is the highest level of car tracking security, and is soon going to be renamed the S5 car tracker.

Vehicles likely in need of a CAT 5/S5 Tracker in the Essex area: Range Rover, Audi SQ7, BMW X6, Bentley models.

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Cat 6 are the most commonly requested insurance approved trackers in Essex. The Smartrack Protector Pro CAT 6 has a 97% recovery rate to date.

Vehicles likely in need of a CAT 6 Tracker in Essex: Any make and model vehicle.

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Fitting an insurance tracker in Essex may be a new requirement for many motorists, however it has actually become extremely common nationwide.
This is not just a requirement when you buy a new vehicle, as a larger number of car owners are finding out that they now need an insurance approved tracker when they renew their policy for an existing vehicle.
This may be a surprise initially, but Trackershop are here to make the process quick, simple and trouble free.
Our mobile engineers can visit any postcode in the UK to install your tracker on site. Whether this is at your home, work or even the dealership prior to you collecting your new vehicle. The engineer will even bring your tracker with them on the day, so you don’t need to wait in for any parcels in advance.


In addition to this, you may even see a reduction in the price of your insurance policy, as the chances of your insurance provider having to pay out to replace a missing vehicle is now significantly less.


Most important is that you now get to enjoy your vehicle with the full peace of mind of knowing that it is safe, secure and not going anywhere unless it is you driving it!
Trackershop provide the best priced car insurance trackers and the quickest fitting times, with appointment slots Monday -Saturday (subject to availability).


For more information on fitting car trackers in Essex (or anywhere throughout the UK) you can call Trackershop on free phone 0330 0552777

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