Car Trackers for Lamborghini

Installing a GPS car tracker in your Lamborghini will significantly improve the security of your vehicle and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.
When it comes to the best car trackers for Lamborghini’s, Trackershop supply and fit the most effective and successful models available anywhere.
We cover the whole of the UK and our Thatcham approved engineers will visit any location that is convenient for you and your vehicle.
In addition to this, all GPS car trackers installed by Trackershop have a 100% recovery success rate. This makes Trackershop the most successful GPS Tracker installation company in the UK.


This has been a proviso for many types of vehicles for some time now. However, more motorists than ever are now finding out that this is a requirement for their own insurance policy.


The reasons for this are very simple. More vehicles are now being stolen by organised crime gangs using quick and effective techniques. Thatcham approved trackers are the most effective method of security to recover these vehicles – usually in a matter of minutes!


The positive side to installing a CAT 5 tracker for your Lamborghini
1) Quick and easy
2) The highest level of security
3) Peace of mind


If your insurance provider is requesting a stolen vehicle recovery tracker for your Lamborghini then it’s very likely that they will only accept the highest level of tracking security. This is the CAT 5 tracker.
(The other Categorised tracker they might recognise is the CAT 6 tracker)



Most insurance providers will insist on a CAT 5 tracker for Lamborghini models. These are because they are the very highest spec in vehicle security.

With a 24/7 fully staffed control room at the ready to guide the police straight to your car in the event of a theft, the CAT 5 tracker range already provide the highest level of protection available for any location based security devices.

However, in addition to this, the CAT 5 trackers also provide the following features:
The DRS (Driver Recognition System) protects you against both key theft and onboard diagnostics hacking. The DRS is a proximity mechanism that instantly alerts the control room to unauthorised users. You will have a small DRS fob with you when you drive that identifies you as the owner.
If anyone tries to start the ignition of your vehicle without this fob present they will trigger an instant alert in the control room.
You will be given 2 fobs as standard, for you and one other driver (you can request extra fobs if needed). All you need to do is keep these fobs with you when driving and then store them safely away from your car key when you are not using your vehicle. If anyone steals your car key and starts your vehicle, a police response can be with the vehicle in minutes.


As standard, the CAT 5 tracker for Lamborghini is fitted with an immobiliser.
During a police response to a stolen vehicle alert, if a situation arises where it is necessary, the police can authorise the immobilisation of the vehicle. This means that once the vehicle’s ignition has been shut off the thief will not be able to start it again. The recovery team can then attend to the vehicle.
The immobilisation is fully reversible after recovery with no lasting effect on the vehicle.


None of the Lamborghini CAT 5 trackers that have been installed by Trackershop have got to the stage of leaving the country, as a police response has been at the scene in minutes.
However, if a vehicle does leave the country, the Smartrack CAT 5 tracker works globally, and will pick up signal in any country.
Your recovery service can be deployed worldwide in order to recover and return your vehicle. Meaning that there is no corner of the earth that thieves can hide!


In addition to the staffed control room monitoring service, you have access to your own private mapping app. Whenever you’re away from your vehicle you can check its status from your phone at any time. You can also set up your own alerts to message you directly if your vehicle moves.
All of the security features are installed discreetly to both ensure that they are covert and undetectable AND that they do not impair the aesthetics of your super car.


Trackershop have the largest network of Thatcham approved engineers, covering every postcode throughout the UK. Not only are they fully Thatcham approved and certified, but they are highly experienced in the careful install of all category stolen vehicle insurance trackers.


If you have been told that you need a Thatcham Cat 5 tracker for your Lamborghini or simply want to increase the security of your super car, then contact Trackershop today.
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