Are you looking for an Audi tracker for insurance or personal use? Trackershop install GPS Trackers for Audis in every UK postcode.
Due to their popularity, Audi have become one of the most highly targeted brand of vehicles by car thieves in the UK.
There are now more Audis on the road than ever, and with them being so appealing to car thieves, installing a Thatcham approved Audi car tracker has become essential.


When it comes to car insurance trackers for Audis your insurance provider is most likely going to give you the choice between a CAT 6 and a CAT 5 tracker.
It doesn’t matter which brand that you choose, as all Thatcham approved trackers will have had to pass the same strict security and quality tests within their respective category.

If your insurance provider have simply asked you to install a Thatcham approved/monitored tracker then you can choose from any of the Trackershop Car Insurance Trackers.
They may have specified an exact Category of tracking device however. If so, then here’s some further information on the 2 categories.



CAT 6 trackers tend to be the most commonly requested insurance approved tracking devices. This is because of the high success rate for vehicle recovery in the event of theft. The Smartrack Protector Pro CAT 6 tracker alone has a 97% recovery rate over all, and a 100% recovery rate for all devices installed directly by Trackershop.



Cat 5 trackers for Audi (or any vehicle make) are currently the highest level of tracking security available.
In addition to everything that the CAT 6 provides, your CAT 5 tracker will also include remote immobilisation, DRS (Driver Recognition System) and several more movement alerts as standard.
All CAT 5 trackers provided by Trackershop are suitable for any Audi model.
All Trackershop engineers are Thatcham approved for all makes and models and our team cover the entire UK.
Therefore, wherever you are, we will be able to have an engineer with you to install your device in the quickest time.


Of course, if your insurance provider have not requested a stolen vehicle tracker to be fitted in line with your policy, this does not mean that you cannot still have one installed.
In fact there are now more savvy and security conscious drivers contacting Trackershop to arrange a stolen vehicle tracker for their vehicle.
With the current reported levels of car theft in the UK, what’s important to drivers is the peace of mind that having a tracker installed in your Audi will bring. Audi are one of the most popular vehicles on the road and being able to enjoy your asset without the constant fear of theft can be priceless.


If you would like to arrange fitting of your own stolen vehicle device you can contact the Trackershop Fitting Team on 02081660603
You can learn more about these tracking devices in the Car Insurance Trackers category.